About Raffi

Raffi Semerdjian

Born in Los Angeles to father, Haroutioun, a locksmith from Lebanon who painted a few things before he married Maro, a mother and homemaker. His childhood musings had him pondering priesthood. But since adolescence made the journey from a poet dreaming of making a film, to painter, then lyricist and musician. 

Raffi struggled committing to formal academia, including Yerevan’s Fine Arts Academy which he attended in 2008 but parted ways shortly after a perplexing comment by an instructor, coupled with a newfound calling to the craft of songwriting. This exploration through the musical vessel of “Palm of granite,” became his creative heartbeat for most of his 20’s. It kindled his passion for storytelling and painting images through sensory experiences–a few cameras shy of a ‘film’. 

His practice of several art forms coupled with a practical background in creative digital technologies has manifested a self-sustaining artistic pursuit culminating in a vast array of work including a portfolio of over one-hundred songs and nearly two-hundred works on canvas, of which half have been acquired.

Raffi’s current collection of artwork and paintings is at nearly one-hundred pieces in his Altadena studio, a selection of which is presented here,